After The End of the World (Single Mix)

by Nathaniel Liles

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A quick little work-in-progress from my upcoming album titled "After The End of the World".


Just give me a week...
I can pack all my bags and leave this place.
Our fortunes we'll seek
On the road we won't be trapped at all

And when it gets cold,
We can read all the books and burn them
And when we get robbed,
We'll sing outside of restaurants and malls

And after a week,
We'll never want to change our ways
The mountains they speak
Of a place that won't be the same...

A place where they say,
We can see new things and make new friends
The air here it speaks
Of a place with a sweeter scent...

And after the end
Of the world, I'll be homeless
And after the end
Of my life, I'll be dead

And if I come back,
Well, I really hope you can come back too
And then there we'll be,
In the universe alone

So let's sing a song
About apocalypse and loneliness
And sing really loud
About suffering and goo

Then later that night
We'll cuddle up to all our friends
And sing
About how everything's okay...

And when we wake up...
We can pack all our bags and leave this place
We won't make a sound
As we slowly shut the door

And when it gets cold,
Well that's okay we'll just get a bit closer
And if something goes wrong,
We'll just sing ourselves to sleep

And after a year,
We'll never miss the world we left
The people will speak
Of a place that won't be the same

A place where we stayed
We played a show and made some friends
We stayed for a week
And we were never seen again

And after the end
Of the world, we'll be homeless
And after the end
Of our lives, we'll all be dead

But we can come back
Through speakers, tapes, and cover bands
And then there we'll be
In the universe for good.

Cos at the end
Of the world, I'll be lonely
And after the end
Of my life, I won't have any friends

And if you need me
Just close your eyes and sing this song
And then there we'll be
In the universe alone.


released October 1, 2013
Ukulele, piano, guitar, vocals - Nathaniel Liles
Bassoon - Jessica Hubbard
Written by: Nathaniel Liles




Nathaniel Liles New Albany, Indiana

I play guitar and ukulele and banjo and piano and melodica and sing songs about space, missing people, walking to Michigan, stealing combs, and being a grown-ass man who's still afraid of the dark. I want to sing to you because I love you, and you know I love you. Just look at me. That's a guy who totally loves you to pieces. ... more

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